The single most important element of benchmarking is the deployed and executed methodology.

Achieving a balanced synergy between ‘stability and innovation’ not only within IT is a perpetual cycle requiring justification to invested stakeholders. For ETBS, our stakeholders are our customers.

ETBS adopts and adapts to IT Service Management and Project Management best practice frameworks, allowing concepts to be practically and seamlessly integrated with our benchmarking methodology. The basis of our methodology is a matrix between a clear process lifecycle and key contextual benchmarking criteria, enabling our customers to understand the relationship between and importance of each individual element.

With this harmony of interrelated elements working together as one; the whole therefore, becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Your strategic decision to invest in benchmarking will be rewarded; knowing that translating data into decisions is a process that is carefully respected within ETBS, delivering a return of unparalleled value to our clients; empowering ETBS to accurately and explicitly identify your competitive market position and ascertain improvement opportunities for your in-scope data, people, processes and technologies.

Our methodology has been the cornerstone to our benchmarks that has allowed us to win the trust of commercial organisations and government departments in over 45 countries across the globe.

Our Methodology Is:

Transparent and Demonstrable – We don’t believe in black boxes or pulling numbers from thin air.

Correct and Accepted – We avoid time wasting disputes by ensuring our methodology is agreed to by all parties.

Flexible – Every industry has its own processes and every company is unique, our experience across a wide array of clients enables us to adjust our methodology to suit each engagement.

Adaptable – Our methodology continues to evolve to meet the challenges presented by new technologies and market changes.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle